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Alan Moore Is Fucking Insane

Alan Moore’s recent interview with IGN is causing the usual kerfuffle & arguments, about which I frankly do not wish to comment… except… EXCEPT… for this one astonishing remark he made…

“Now they’re called ‘graphic novels’, which sounds sophisticated and you can charge a lot more for them. What appealed to me most about comics is no more, and these innocent and inventive and imaginative superhero characters from the Forties, Fifties, Sixties are being recycled to a modern audience as if they were adult fare.”

Alan Moore's Big Head
This man is an absolute loon.

Where do I start?! Firstly, I agree 100% with this statement.

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2023 Viewing (Q3)

That time again! The previous viewings are here. This is the old TV stuff we watched in the third quarter of 2023…

(NOTE: Yes, I know this is about three weeks early. There was a lot to cover and I just felt like it. OK? Thanks!)

The Fugitive season 4 (DVD)
Kojak season 5 (DVD)
Harry O season 2 (download)
Kojak: The Belarus File TV movie (DVD)
Kojak: The Price of Justice TV Movie (DVD)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series 1 (DVD)
Columbo seasons 1-2 (DVD)
Lonesome Dove TV mini-series (DVD)
Broken Trail TV mini-series (Blu-ray)

Yes, ’twas very sad farewells to both The Fugitive and Kojak. We still have the five “season six” movies from 1989-90 to watch for Baldy, though. As to Doctor Kimble…

Fugitive Finale
Kimble stalks the one-armed man in the finale of THE FUGITIVE (1967).

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Beard Or No Beard?

So, for a while I have been pondering & developing a Sunday Comics idea. I have hit some snags & sometimes been busy on other stuff, but would like to put out a comics strip once a week and maybe make it rotating features—one week an SF strip, following week a humour strip, etc. And I’m probably inclined to make it a subscription model, using Patreon and/or similar. (I had a failed Patreon running for a while but killed it about four years ago.) The “fee” for access would have a pretty small baseline, BTW.

Interested in any feedback on this.

Furthermore (per the question in the title)…

Conan by Big John
Conan, drawn by someone much better than me… or you.

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Underrated Artists I Love #1: Frank Robbins

The first in a series? Also, coming up: Overrated Artists I Hate! 🙂

Frank Robbins. He’s that Invaders guy. He’s that weird artist who drew rubber-limbed, contorted figures with insanely distorted, grimacing faces. Everything he drew looked bizarre & wrong, didn’t it? He wasn’t very good, was he?

No. He was GREAT! I mean, come on, get a load of this…

The Shadow 7 (1974) cover
Cover of THE SHADOW #7 (DC Comics, 1974).

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Scripts From the Crypt: The Mummy’s Tomb

(Repost with a couple of revisions.)

Out now on Amazon, the 14th in my friend Tom Weaver’s Scripts From the Crypt series… this time with some involvement from me, namely layout/design work on the covers, and the dedication page illustration, plus a few other minor things.

PLEASE NOTE: lest the title deceive you, this is not just a “script” book! It’s packed with essays, info and analysis on the movie too!!

I strongly suggest you buy a copy. Or several copies. See links at bottom of this post!

Mummy's Tomb cover

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Something Really Old

This is the first new posting after switching to a new provider/server. We now have SSL. Isn’t that cool & modern. So just a quickie…

I thought I’d share a pic of a fossil Trilobite I’ve owned for a long time now—I picked it up at a dinosaur exhibit in Dudley, of all places, during the Jurassic Park craze in the summer of 1993. Happy 30th Anniversary, prehistoric bug.


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