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Births & Deaths

So, as almost all horror fans know, today is the birthday of both Vincent Price and Christopher Lee… and just yesterday was Peter Cushing’s date of birth, by odd coincidence.

Lee, Price & Cushing, 1982
Christopher Lee, Vincent Price and Peter Cushing—publicity shot from 1982, during the shoot for HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS.

Also, for me, a significant day for losses. On this day back in 2006, we not only lost the legendary cartoonist Alex Toth—my mother also passed away. Has it really been 18 years? Not to me. Time makes no sense these days.

A few pics of mom, anyhow, as I was scanning & restoring some old family photos a while ago. (Need to do more.)

Mom as a baby, 1943
Vintage baby shot of my mother!

Mom's 21st Birthday
Mom cuts her 21st Birthday cake—photo taken for local newspaper.

Births & Deaths
Again for a local newspaper, mom is shown meeting one of her fave singers, John Hanson (who remembers him?!), in 1977. In fact, mom had met John before, a number of times, and corresponded with him semi-regularly…

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