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Births & Deaths

So, as almost all horror fans know, today is the birthday of both Vincent Price and Christopher Lee… and just yesterday was Peter Cushing’s date of birth, by odd coincidence.

Lee, Price & Cushing, 1982
Christopher Lee, Vincent Price and Peter Cushing—publicity shot from 1982, during the shoot for HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS.

Also, for me, a significant day for losses. On this day back in 2006, we not only lost the legendary cartoonist Alex Toth—my mother also passed away. Has it really been 18 years? Not to me. Time makes no sense these days.

A few pics of mom, anyhow, as I was scanning & restoring some old family photos a while ago. (Need to do more.)

Mom as a baby, 1943
Vintage baby shot of my mother!

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Remembering the Two Freds

As hinted at in this post, March 14 would have been Fred (Jr)’s 20th birthday, if he was still here. He died in 2018.

Well, further to that, today would have been a big birthday for the “original” Fred, who was born on April 26 1994. Yup, the Big Three-Oh! Of course, no Westie in the long history of Westiedom ever lived to be 30, but it’s a bittersweet landmark that I wanted to note. I also plan to make a few more postings about both of the Freds in due course, 2024 being a big year for them. Below are a couple of pics of OG Fred in the meantime (I’m working on scanning many more)…

Fred July 1994
OG Fred as a pup, early July 1994.

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Fred Six Years On

Yesterday (Feb 28) was the sixth anniversary of Fred Jr’s passing. Six years?! That clock is whizzing round these days. I can’t think of an upside to this, sadly. This year would also be a big birthday for him, and I’ll post about that in a couple of weeks.

The pic is of Fred from September 3, 2006.

Fred Sept 3 2006

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Something Really Old

This is the first new posting after switching to a new provider/server. We now have SSL. Isn’t that cool & modern. So just a quickie…

I thought I’d share a pic of a fossil Trilobite I’ve owned for a long time now—I picked it up at a dinosaur exhibit in Dudley, of all places, during the Jurassic Park craze in the summer of 1993. Happy 30th Anniversary, prehistoric bug.


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What Happened Since June…

For a while, we’d been letting Tikki go on ‘dates’ with other Westies. Finally, early in May this year she met a lad named Ollie and there was a successful pairing. We just wanted Tikki to have the experience of motherhood the one time, and intended to keep at least two of the litter so she’d have a couple of companions.

Tikki Ollie May 22
Tikki & Ollie, May 2022.

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