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Something Really Old

This is the first new posting after switching to a new provider/server. We now have SSL. Isn’t that cool & modern. So just a quickie…

I thought I’d share a pic of a fossil Trilobite I’ve owned for a long time now—I picked it up at a dinosaur exhibit in Dudley, of all places, during the Jurassic Park craze in the summer of 1993. Happy 30th Anniversary, prehistoric bug.


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The Blog’s Future

I have been thinking about, and assessing, the content on this blog, as part of a general overhaul of the Website (the various sections will be upgraded somewhat soon; right now it’s just the thinking stage). The blog has been running since December 2000, believe it or not, although the first ten years of content has been offline for a while… for now, I’ve decided to remove all the archives before 2020, and even then I’ve deleted a number of short or disposable postings from the last three years that just weren’t very interesting. (Like this posting, probably!)

I’d just like to refocus my efforts on making longer and better quality postings, I think, such as reviews and the like. The “viewing” postings are fine; the artwork postings are OK when it’s good quality work. And so on.

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What Happened Since June…

For a while, we’d been letting Tikki go on ‘dates’ with other Westies. Finally, early in May this year she met a lad named Ollie and there was a successful pairing. We just wanted Tikki to have the experience of motherhood the one time, and intended to keep at least two of the litter so she’d have a couple of companions.

Tikki Ollie May 22
Tikki & Ollie, May 2022.

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