Fred May 2015

New dog pics! Because it’s been a while. Because Fred had his hair cut last week. Because he’s very cute. Except when he’s biting pieces out of Steve. Then he’s just funny.

First up, before and after, first being taken a few weeks ago when he was very shaggy and dirty. (Although, please note the pic has a yellow push! He wasn’t literally that colour. He was actually a lot dirtier than that…)

Fred Before-After May 2015

Next up, a side view outside…

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The Big Issue

An issue I’ve gone back and forth on for a long time and it’s been on my mind to an alarmingly distracting extent recently, including right now in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Employment. The freelance chancing, carefree (ish) hours and alleged freedom vs a boring old salaried job.

Everything about being freelance sounds kinda cool in theory. But it’s only kinda cool if you crack the formula—meaning you never, ever, go a month (or six) enduring a dry spell. Because when it works it’s great; when it doesn’t work it’s a complete bastard.

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