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Beard Or No Beard?

So, for a while I have been pondering & developing a Sunday Comics idea. I have hit some snags & sometimes been busy on other stuff, but would like to put out a comics strip once a week and maybe make it rotating features—one week an SF strip, following week a humour strip, etc. And I’m probably inclined to make it a subscription model, using Patreon and/or similar. (I had a failed Patreon running for a while but killed it about four years ago.) The “fee” for access would have a pretty small baseline, BTW.

Interested in any feedback on this.

Furthermore (per the question in the title)…

Conan by Big John
Conan, drawn by someone much better than me… or you.

One of the strips is a barbarian thing. You know, like Conan. But one thing I have not decided upon is whether or not my barbarian character… should have a beard!

True, Conan never wears a beard. But wouldn’t most people like that have better things to worry about than shaving? What do you think? Genuinely interested in opinions on this because I’m completely undecided on the matter.

3 thoughts on “Beard Or No Beard?”

  1. I would go with the no beard and perhaps an occasional stubble. In my mind it is better for facial expressions and emotions to have the face uncovered. Logically a beard would have to be trimmed regularly or it would get too bushy, so it would perhaps be easier to shave fairly regularly than to cut it when it gets longer. Also, a beard might not be a good thing to have at close quarters in a fight.

  2. As someone who’s sported a beard for more than 40 years (my only ‘sporting’ activity), you might expect me to be a pognophile, but I’m actually inclined towards Norris’ take on this. A warrior might let his facial hair grow out whilst marching long distances, when there is little time to catch a breath, let alone reach for a sharp blade to trim his chin, but I’m guessing personal grooming is more of a priority in the less frantic moments. After all, you’ve got to look your best for the next pretty slave girl or temple acolyte you bump into, even if it’s most likely a hideous plot to satiate the ravenous beast in the basement.

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