The Lighter Side 1

This strip has already appeared in print in The Dark Side, but this is its Web debut. The script is by Steve Green.

The Lighter Side 1

As you can expect ‘extras’ on here… I drew two versions of this strip and the final printed strip was a composite of the two. Below is a scan of the original artwork!

The Lighter Side 1 Variants

“Something Afoot”

Yeah, two in a week! This was fairly quick & improvised. If it confuses, don’t worry about it… Liz has a ton of plots waiting and I’m just having some fun with it.

Something Afoot

Art: Cwiss; Plot: Liz takes no responsibility for this one……

“The Prize”

Hey, it’s been a while. Jenni and Marie wanted to say hi.

The Prize

Art: Cheezy; Guest Plot: Henry Kujawa; Not-Me Dept: Lizzy

“Freeform Marmalade”

Heh, while we await my ever-delayed three-pager of continuity material, here’s a speedy improv strip I did on Friday… I thought it was silly & fun and came out well for a quickie.

Freeform Marmalade

Art: Chimpy; Plot: Liz Says No