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David Bowie: “Where Are We Now?”

Where were we then? David Bowie’s first solo single in more than nine years dropped out of nowhere on his 66th birthday—January 8th 2013. (Also Elvis Presley’s 78th birthday, of course.)

I woke up that morning to find social media (I still used social media quite extensively, if not enthusiastically, back then) buzzing with it. Still groggy and sipping a coffee, I tried to absorb the song and its video, while dutifully sharing my own reaction amidst the digital cacophony.

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Avoiding Cliché

Somehow, I can’t help reading vast amounts of the staggering mountain of words being churned out about Mr Bowie. I dodge some of it, but otherwise, it’s that proverbial road accident.

Besides, some of it’s genuinely informative. And some of it’s genuinely moving. The stuff that doesn’t lapse into those hopelessly tired, moth-eaten platitudes that I’ve lived long enough to find irredeemably tiresome. (“We’ll never see his/her like again” is one of my faves.)

Well, I know if I spewed enough of my own words without holding myself in check, I’d excrete my share of duds. It goes with the territory. Which is exactly why I’ve held myself in check. That, and just feeling a bit shit.

David Bowie Sept 2015

This is Bowie last September. He looks pretty good. Better than in a lot of the other recent promotional materials, actually. That’s something.

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David Bowie Is God

Or so it says on an old badge I still have. Which I used to wear a lot. Being absent from the blog so much this year means no Bowie Talk about the new album, The Next Day. Yeah, I liked it; yeah, I’ve had my ups-and-downs with it. In the end I made peace with it fully—I actually love some of it intensely.

See, I thought he was gone for good. And I was more or less okay with that. It might seem odd but the whole thing was very emotional for me. I had to go through a wide spectrum of feelings. On the other side, I’m really happy the new album exists. The world is a better place with DB in it.

David Bowie Valentines 2013

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