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It’s been a while. After a flurry of activity on here back in August, following a blog reboot that I thought might spark my mind a bit, it kinda went dead. I’ve had that sort of on-off relationship with blogging for a long time, especially since social media started consuming everything. The Internet—which IMO has always been a questionable means of communication—has really taken a wrong turn in the last decade…

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September ’15 Update

As has become the clich√© here, the intention to not neglect this dusty old place gets trumped by actual real-life nonsense. This time it was a move. I moved to a ground floor flat near Northfield (Bham) in early August. It didn’t go very well—actually, it’d be easier to list what didn’t go wrong—including no Internet and ballsed-up electrical wiring—and I was back at Steve‘s after five weeks.

Still. That’s five weeks I’ll never get back. I lost a lot bit of money on the deal too.

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Don’t Quote Me

I deactivated my Facebook account almost five days ago. I haven’t broken and logged back on yet either, but, per the title, don’t quote me… baby steps, ain’t it… maybe I’ll stay away, maybe not. One thing is certain: I’m not gonna let it be a part of my life in quite the same way. Ever. Again.

Maybe I should mark that momentous day, just over a week ago, when this blog (which managed to survive by the skin of its teeth, in spite of its long hiatus) reached the age of 14. Anyhow, 14 years makes this one of the older blogs around, for better or worse—it was worth saving, I think.

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Better Than Life

Yeah, yeah, it’s tough to get into the swing of blogging again. I’m trying. About 8-10 years ago, I guess, was something like a peak time where I really enjoyed it, for the most part (family members dying notwithstanding, obv), but—and I’ve touched on this a bit before, albeit quite some time ago—that was before the grim spectre of Facebook (and so-called Social Networking in general) cast an enormous shadow over all things Interweb.

And I’m still not feeling that. Yeh, I respond to the peer pressure to an extent. Breaking out of conformist, sheeple patterns of behaviour is difficult for everyone, apparently. I find it disappointing and infuriating, in myself as much as in others. But in the end, Facebook is like fast food. It hasn’t got much taste and the nutritional value is exceedingly poor.

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Six Months!

You might’ve noticed (all three of you!) that I haven’t blogged on here for six months. Choke. Yeah, well, lots on my plate and etc etc etc. I just moved this thing to a new server so I thought I post to, um, celebrate.

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ISP Bother

Switching your home Internet from BT to another provider can, I’ve discovered, be quite a chore. You need something called a MAC Code to facilitate the switchover. Last Thursday, after a ten-minute lecture on how terrible the ‘competition’ is, BT finally gave me a code. It didn’t work. I called again and got another code—it was one letter shorter than the previous one. This didn’t work either. I called again and they insisted the second code was valid and I couldn’t get another one until May 15th—and if it didn’t work it was the other company’s fault.

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Weight & Traffic Reductions

I’ve lost a small amount of weight. It was intentional. I think a bit more could come off, too, although otherwise I’d like to tone my arms and stomach a bit. It’s not like I’m overweight, really, so much as slack and out-of-shape. But it’s a start, ain’t it. I may regress, obv, but I’m hoping not to… slackness is a common curse of middle-age I’m not awfully ready to embrace at the tender age of 28, *cough*…

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