Kirby Art Inside Amazing Fantasy #15

Of course, everyone knows that Jack Kirby designed the original version of Spider-Man, which never got used. We know, also, that Kirby pencilled the cover to Spidey’s first appearance, in Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)—because the original cover Ditko drew was rejected by Stan Lee.

But how about Kirby artwork inside this landmark comic? Well, surely, the iconic origin story is fully-pencilled & inked by Mr Ditko. But there’s one aspect I never paid much attention to before—the teeny-tiny Spidey figure at the top right of the opening splash page…

AF15 pg1

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Steve Ditko, RIP

As it’s been a while since the news broke, I thought it was about time to mention Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-Man (and lots of others), who died late in June, aged 90.

He was always one of my major art influences. He had a unique eye and a memorably distinctive style that persisted to the very end. I was one of the ‘faithful’, I guess; those who followed Steve’s work throughout. It was always worth looking at, even if he favoured a very stripped-down approach later in life.


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Rambling Spider-Man Review

So I saw the new Amazing Spider-Man movie last Monday (the 9th). Given the shoddy treatment of some major creatives involved in developing the 1960s Marvel line (one or two in particular), it’s hard not to have mixed feelings. Part of me says a boycott on principle is honourable; another part says it’s futile. So between the two extremes I just throw up my hands. I was already in town to see something else anyway (The Casebook of Eddie Brewer—more on that in another post, maybe).

Spider-Man 2012

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