Bookcase Cleanup

My living space is pretty cramped at the moment, but I did tidy up the bigger of the two bookcases last week. Trying to make the best of it until I have more space, I guess… and it always feels good to clean things up.

Anyhow, a few snaps of some of the shelves. It’s only part of the books I have, but some of the more rare/valuable ones are here (such as, in particular, the first editions of the Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein and Lee-Kirby Silver Surfer books). This stuff is very heavy on graphics novels, for sure, but I do have proper books too!

BTW: two of the Marvel Omnibi, as pictured at the right of pic 1, were paid for by selling Providence #1-12 (full set, Alan Moore) and Batman Damned #1 (first edition, bat-dick)—who said modern comics were worthless? 🙂