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Birthday Down, Two Months To Go

I was indeed harumph years old on October 30th. which always signals the impending close of yet another year, this time 2015, which with all the best will possible has been something of a fleeting and not particularly polished turd amongst many others.

Birthday wise, the Good was…

The Third Man BD

Yay! The new 4K restoration of one of my all-time fave films, on Blu-ray. Thanks, Nigel. 🙂 Steve got me some Phibes Blu goodness, too. Double Yay!

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Tori Amos Bham May ’14

(This post was backdated in Nov ’14 to fill in some stuff missed during Ye Website being offline…)

The day Steve Green and I saw Tori Amos at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham. Some photos and a few comments…

I was hoping to see Tori at her traditional Meet & Greet appearance, so I took along the booklet for her Piano boxset, hoping I might get it signed.

Tori Stuff May 2014

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