Halloween Comix #1 Cover

Well, in theory, if Halloween Comix ever happens! This is the reprise I mentioned here. I haven’t done any tones or colour yet, but, compare away! I probably will colour it, but I don’t think I shall bother with tones; it was something I was experimenting with fleetingly back in 2016 (a kind of electronic version of the old Duo-Shade paper they no longer make)—and I think it also masked some of the finishing deficiencies, which hopefully are rectified in this new version.

Halloween Comix Cover

“Welcome To The Club” Pages 1-2

I am working on the art for some new Club Vamporama pages—an initial run of five, followed by a bunch more. Some of this stuff has been scripted for quite a while, and in fact what would be page five of this sequence was originally started and abandoned back in February 2013! (New version will be all-new, I stress. BTW, the four pages leading up to it, including the two below, are newer scripts anyway.)

Well, hey, Vamporama Films has been busy trying to get a live-action version off the ground! This is currently on hold while the whole approach is reconsidered, so, back to comics for a while! Anyhow, the complete strip may go into the mooted Halloween Comix project, so this is all you’re getting for the foreseeable, I’m afraid…

Incidentally, these are the first two complete pages that use my new font. Let me know what you think, but be gentle!! 🙂

CV Welcome pg1

CV Welcome pg2

Halloween Comix Logo

So using the new font I made, I roughed up a possible logo for my mooted project, Halloween Comix… a very theoretical project, as I’ve procrastinated about it on-and-off for three years now. In fact, I had made a cover image for it—here with tones and here with colour—featuring Jenni & Marie (and friend)—which, although only three years old, I recently did a new version of… because, it ain’t bad but it coulda been better. Anyhow, I’ll post that later. Meanwhile…

Halloween Comix Logo

And a question, re the Marie portrait posted here—colour? Yes? No? I have done some work on a colour version—I don’t consider myself much of a colourist, to be honest, but…