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I Didn’t Vote Mk II

So, a couple of days ago, I made this long posting about not voting. In the EU Referendum thing. Yeah, that EU Referendum. Heard about it? No shit.

Well… one response I got to it (a reply I didn’t even disagree with) somehow made me highly dissatisfied with what I’d written. This is a troublesome swamp to be wading in. Right now, I’m not sure I want to, to that extent. My position isn’t changed, and it’s simple: I’m an anarchist—I don’t suppport the system/establishment as it currently exists—I do not involve myself in voting within this system one way or the other.

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I Didn’t Vote

No vote from me. Nope.

The Internet is nothing if not supremely obnoxious in its overflow of putrid effluvia focused on the whole EU Referendum bollocks. From both sides, arguing like the rival gangs of monkeys they are, flinging shit at each other and feeling all self-righteous and meaningful. I’ve seen more profound rows going on in a fucking schoolyard. What a miserable, ugly spectacle it truly is.

(And then, apparently without irony, she added to said overflow…)

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Dog Microchipping & Beyond

Compulsory since April 6th this year, the mandating of microchipping for dogs in the UK (and the rest of the EU, come to that) represents, to my mind, a step too far in this cycle of out-of-control Big Government.

There are a lot of pro arguments for dog chipping, parrotted from official propaganda—it’s ‘essential’ to combat the growing stray dogs problem, for instance, even though the numbers for such have dropped massively in the last 30-odd years (when did you last see a stray dog?); to not comply means you’re not a ‘responsible’ dog owner (classically idiotic, black & white, Us vs Them thinking), etc.

It’s all smoke & mirrors. The real purpose of this asinine, fascistic “law” is twofold: firstly, the big corporate interests manufacturing these techno-turds profit handsomely from it (a la many other unnecessary medical applications & drugs); secondly, it forms part of the acclimatising process that readies the public for HUMAN IMPLANTS.

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The Internet is Boring

Yes. Sometimes, too much is just too much. How can you effectively prioritise (or digest) when an endless, vast swamp—admittedly composed largely of baboon shrieking, chest-beating and effluvia—is at your fingertips? A sprawling landscape of noise and data and distraction, to numb you, desensitise you, program you, mind-fuck you, turn you into a stupid, drooling, hypnotised bot with no thoughts worth expressing…

The Internet was kinda good when everyone wasn’t on it. Before the establishment realised what a fantastic crowd control tool it was and declared that everyone should have access.

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Everything Old Is New

I sometimes wonder if my growing disinterest in contemporary culture & entertainment may be that inevitable process by which a person in mid-life attains the venerable status of old fart. The stories of this are endless and apparently mostly true. Take the 1960s. I wasn’t there to remember all this, but evidently the old farts in their droves attacked & dismissed the likes of the Beatles for having unsightly long hair and making an ungodly racket.

(I still don’t understand the hair bit. Pre-1967, the Fabs had the same hairstyle that was worn by Moe Howard of the Three Stooges since about 1930. This has never struck me as the least bit radical.)

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Grand Central

I thought Grand Central was a famous station in America, but no, apparently now it’s the big Birmingham, New Street train station reimagined. It only cost £750 million and took well over three years. Cheap & nasty is the operative term, then. Only it’s not really a train station; it’s a train station and a huge shopping mall.

Well, you know, maybe it’ll help bring new life to the city and, I assume, it created a lot of work during the development stages and beyond, etc. But this doesn’t do anything to alter the fact that it’s a hugely flashy, superficial celebration (and exploitation) of the excesses of 21st Century consumerism gone mad.

I took a look around on Tuesday and snapped a few pics!

Approaching the new station, Bullring side. A huge, eye-shaped screen looks down, but who’s watching who?

Grand Central 1 Sept 2015

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