Sunday Post

Well, the ISP/wifi issue is resolved, I think. Goodbye, BT. I think you’ve lost a potential customer permanently—your services are way overpriced, the peak hours performance is mediocre at the best of times, upload speeds are significantly and consistently out-performed by a 3G connection via a tethered iPhone—your dismal PR, customer service, habit of badmouthing the competition (who, BTW, did not return the favour) and general inflexibility simply rub salt in the wound.

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Martin Skidmore

Martin Skidmore died about 7pm last night. I got a call around 8.25—not unexpected but it hit me pretty hard anyway. It was leaking onto the Internet in various places almost instantly… guess that’s just the way it is these days.

For those who don’t know him, he was a ‘zine then comics editor for about a decade from the early ’80s on—a long-time name in UK comics. Unfortunately, he had spent this year struggling with very aggressive cancer.

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