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doctor who

Anatomy of a Chris Chibnall Caricature

To those who don’t know, Chris Chibnall is the most recent showrunner for Doctor Who. This fact may not be accurate for much longer. It’s fair to say that he’s been a little controversial; some might say (very poor), but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Anyhow, this drawing was done last December and was for a vaguely Gilliamesque animation project, hence it was done in pieces. The project’s been on hold, BTW, but maybe we’ll have a finished video soon. It’s only a silly bit of fun, though.

Chibbers Original

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Doctor Thirteen

Well… this is not really the place for a debate on the issue, but frankly I’m not at all happy with or impressed by the current incarnation of Ye Doctor in Doctor Who series 11. I feel Jodie Whittaker is hopelessly miscast** and the series has been all-round terrible (with the bizarre exception of Bradley Walsh, I’m shocked to hear myself saying)—and I’m not particularly inclined to watch more of them.

Nonetheless, I did have a go at drawing Jodie as Dockeroo and the result is kinda visually interesting. Or so I think, anyhow. BTW, this artwork is for sale, so feel free to make offers! 🙂

Doctor Thirteen

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Number 12 (or 13…)

Well, it’s fair to say last year’s Capaldi debut series of Doctor Who got me thinking about the show quite a bit. And he’s a great Doctor. Shame about the scripts, for the most part. The reminder to watch lots of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker shows was a positive, anyhow.

I’ve been thinking about experimenting with caricature styles, so, for a quickie (took about an hour, I guess), I had a go at Capaldi.

Number 12

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Ready For My Closeup, Mr Pertwee

You see, my dog has this thing about being in a classic (specifically Jon Pertwee) Doctor Who serial. Which would, in itself, require time travel. But that’s not a problem. So what do you think would suit him? A particularly hairy maggot from “The Green Death”? Or an equally hirsute Drashig from “Carnival of Monsters”? Cast your votes!

Feral Fred 2014

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Now Where Were We…?

I’ve had some lapses on this blog (which, it perplexes me to note, is 14 years old next month), but this one is a whole new level—first post of 2014?! Yeah. Well, the fact that the Website has literally been offline since April probably didn’t help any…

But we’re back. And spruced up a little. The front page and the portfolio section need finishing up but everything else appears to be functioning, and nothing’s missing.

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