Doctor Thirteen & Sketchcards

Well… this is not really the place for a debate on the issue, but frankly I’m not at all happy with or impressed by the current incarnation of Ye Doctor in Doctor Who series 11. I feel Jodie Whittaker is hopelessly miscast** and the series has been all-round terrible (with the bizarre exception of Bradley Walsh, I’m shocked to hear myself saying)—and I’m not particularly inclined to watch more of them. According to the current strawman arguments, that makes me some kind of -IST. I assume most sane people realise the issue is slightly more nuanced…

Nonetheless, I did have a go at drawing Jodie as Dockeroo and the result is kinda visually interesting. Or so I think, anyhow. BTW, this artwork is for sale, so feel free to make offers! 🙂

NOTE: THIS ARTWORK IS NOW SOLD. If you’re interested in a similar piece, drop me a line!!

Below Jodie, a couple of small sketchcards of monster characters I like whose names begin with H. Open to offers on those too!!

Doctor Thirteen

Sketchcards Hellboy Hulk

**Obviously, the brilliant Joanna Lumley would’ve been a far superior choice, per her non-canonic, jokey 1999 turn as Da Doc in The Curse of the Fatal Death. But I guess she’s a little too old now? Well, y’know, in shitty ageist terms, anyhow……

Cyberleader & New Gods

Just a couple of new drawings finished recently. First up is a portrait of David Banks and his alter ago, whom he portrayed in the classic run of Doctor Who during the 1980s, namely, the Cyberleader (of the Cybermen). Secondly, a pinup of Orion and (as a large floating head!) Darkseid, from Jack Kirby’s New Gods.

David Banks Cyberleader

New Gods

Number Five

Okay, it’s been a little while, but continuing the Who caricature theme… this one wasn’t the easiest. Peter’s quite ordinary and lacking in majorly distinctive features that you can play broadly. I think I did okay!

More soon.

Number Five

Number Four

Well, here’s a third effort in my Dockeroo pic series. In some ways I felt this one missed the mark a bit in a “worthy fail” kinda way. Dunno. What do you think?

Number Four

Number 12 (or 13…)

I’ve been thinking about experimenting with caricature styles, so, for a quickie (took about an hour, I guess), I had a go at Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who. For a speed piece and a style I don’t play with much, it came out okay, I think. May try some other subjects soon.

Number 12