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Richard Corben

Speaking of the passing of greats, I was not actively blogging last December when Richard Corben died unexpectedly, after heart surgery. Very sad loss—I was certain he had another ten years of great stuff in him. He was one of those artists whose work never really bowed to the passage of time.

Most people would only know his work because he did the iconic cover for Meat Loaf’s 1977 classic album Bat Out of Hell. And, sadly, a lot of those folks doubtless don’t even know his name.

Bat Out of Hell

From my own collection, here’s a few other things he did. We’ll probably be talking some more about his work soon. RIP, Corb…

Corben Comics

Book Project: Moonlight Shadows

As some will know, I’ve been working on-and-off (in recent years mostly off) since early 2009 on a book about Lon Chaney Jr, entitled Moonlight Shadows.

During 2020’s Panic Season, where the entire planet was beset with the deadly sourge of the most lethal virus ever seen in the history of everything, and as a result society was shut down and was/is slowly self-destructing, I found myself dusting the project off, and have actually done quite a lot of new work on it. Tons of revisions, tons of new research, lots of new writing.

I don’t have a deadline on it, though. It will be done when it’s done. There’s a lot already done, but equally much yet to be done. There’s no rush from my point of view; getting it right is more important than getting it out there.

This is the current, rough cover dummy, anyhow, and shortly, I thought I would post one of my completed write-ups on this blog—of Stanley Kramer’s 1958 movie The Defiant Ones, a classic by any standards, also featuring—in my opinion—one of Lon’s finest performances. Stay tuned.

Moonlight Shadows