Compression & Brickwalling Examples

Following the previous entry.

Before I move onto other things—although music mastering & quality is something I might like to return to periodically—here’s a few more musical waveforms for comparison, with comments.


The top image is the original 1985 mastering. It has a dynamic range of 11dB. Below it is the 1997 remastering (not by Kate herself)—the dynamic range (DR) is 7dB.

Kate Bush Running 1985

Kate Bush Running 1997

You’ll note on the top one, Kate herself does make use of the full soundscape and sometimes clips the very peaks of the sound for effect (which is perfectly fine & valid!). On the ’97, there is lot of peak-clipping (the tops of the waveforms being cut off) and compression, which results in a loss of 4dB of DR. Kate’s own 2018 remaster of Hounds of Love, which I’ve yet to hear, has the same dynamic range as the 1985 release.

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Thanos Pinup

Again a little later than planned, but here is a pinup I recently finished (by request) of Thanos, Warlock & Gamora. 1970s Jim Starlin style. Sort of. Maybe a bit of Herb Trimpe. Inks & tones first, pencils below.

Thanos Tones

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Soul Love Fantasy Cover

Amongst Jack Kirby‘s unrealised early 1970s concepts for DC Comics was the romance magazine True-Life Divorce. One of the stories therein was entitled “The Model” and featured black characters (surprisingly, not so common back in 1971). Although the mag was canned, Kirby figured an all-black romance book might be the way to go and developed a title called Soul Love.

(Oddly enough, David Bowie was working on a song with the same title around this time, for his seminal Ziggy Stardust LP; there’s no connection whatsoever.)

This project was likewise put on ice; and neither have even been published in full. Too bad.

Anyhow… looking at Jack’s original, black and white cover concept the other day, I thought it might be fun to mock-up a complete, full-colour fantasy cover. And the result is below, alongside Kirby’s conceptual layout.

Soul Love

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