Number Five

Okay, it’s been a little while, but continuing the Who caricature theme… this one wasn’t the easiest. Peter’s quite ordinary and lacking in majorly distinctive features that you can play broadly. I think I did okay!

More soon.

Number Five

Number Four

Well, here’s a third effort in my Dockeroo pic series. In some ways I felt this one missed the mark a bit in a “worthy fail” kinda way. Dunno. What do you think?

Number Four

Number 12 (or 13…)

I’ve been thinking about experimenting with caricature styles, so, for a quickie (took about an hour, I guess), I had a go at Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who. For a speed piece and a style I don’t play with much, it came out okay, I think. May try some other subjects soon.

Number 12

“Here’s Tina!”

Yep! And by the way, this is the first strip that is fully scripted by Liz B (I’ve adapted from her notes or passages from screenplays previously)—that’ll be why the writing suddenly got better! :b We have some cool plans afoot, anyhow, so stay tuned, etc…

Here's Tina

Art: MeMeMe; Script: Liz Black

“Hail Cthulhu!”

This has been more or less done for a week, but needed to finish it up. And then, I had a disaster and the monster on last panel got severely water damaged—so I had to perform a last-minute repair job. Very annoying. But it came out okay I guess!

Hail Cthulhu

Art: Moi; Plot: Liz Black

“Tres Chic”

Comicana is back by popular demand! No, really. Well, work on graphic novel variant is stalled for the time being. This one is a quickie, a bit different & looser in style. So tell me if it’s a mistake or not.

Tres Chic

Art: CH; Plot: Liz Black