J&M Kidz

This is an off-the-cuff quickie. If we did a bigfoot strip about Jenni and Marie as kids (they didn’t meet till they were 14 so it’d be an alternate reality!), it would look something like this.

Komicana Kidz

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Lunch in London

A much-needed break after not getting myself out of the Birmingham area for almost two years. With any luck this is gonna change before too long—I’ve had it with this place and a move is required very, very soon.

Lunch in London August 2010

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It hasn’t been a week for drawing anything after all. Too much on my mind, I suppose. I’ve been looking for a job, i.e. full-time & salaried—down in the London area. I’ve been doing same locally for ages (this area sadly being of one of the country’s darkest & deepest pits jobs-wise), being that the lack of stability of freelancing has certainly caused me problems—and a lot of other people, during the recession, as far as I can tell. But, I thought, if I’m investing so much time into this, why am I looking round here? I don’t like it round here.

Well, yes, down south was littered with bad judgement calls last time. I messed-up repeatedly as far as places to live were concerned, and my mom’s death was still affecting my morale. It went badly. But in actual fact, I didn’t want to leave. It just became the only ‘sensible’ option under the circumstances. Even at that, the experience left me shattered enough to ask my GP for anti-depressants. They helped a bit for a while, but I stopped taking them back in January because they had clearly outlived their use. Doing so hasn’t left me in a worse mood, at any rate. Perhaps a touch better generally, once withdrawal had passed.

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Groundhog Day

Neat trip down memory lane for you. February 2002, to be exact. Funny thing is, I did return to the forum mentioned, sometime around this time of year in 2008. And boy, did I fairly quickly suffer for it… to the extent that by Sept ’08, I left again. The attacks on me (from one particular person) continued even after I left and eventually I returned to the forum again in May ’09—for reasons unclear to me, I must admit. To be fair, the problem with this individual was ultimately resolved, but a perhaps less drawn-out but actually more sinister and troublesome issue with another person developed.

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