She’s Alive

Here’s an unused panel from a strip I’ve been working on. It’s literally all I can put out there right now as it is part of a pitch intended for publication, but maybe it intrigues a little… I can say, the finished thing is in colour, and the final version of this panel is really pretty similar to this one. But that’s all!

She's Alive

Number Five

Okay, it’s been a little while, but continuing the Who caricature theme… this one wasn’t the easiest. Peter’s quite ordinary and lacking in majorly distinctive features that you can play broadly. I think I did okay!

More soon.

Number Five

Number Four

Well, here’s a third effort in my Dockeroo pic series. In some ways I felt this one missed the mark a bit in a “worthy fail” kinda way. Dunno. What do you think?

Number Four

Number 12 (or 13…)

I’ve been thinking about experimenting with caricature styles, so, for a quickie (took about an hour, I guess), I had a go at Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who. For a speed piece and a style I don’t play with much, it came out okay, I think. May try some other subjects soon.

Number 12

“Here’s Tina!”

Yep! And by the way, this is the first strip that is fully scripted by Liz B (I’ve adapted from her notes or passages from screenplays previously)—that’ll be why the writing suddenly got better! :b We have some cool plans afoot, anyhow, so stay tuned, etc…

Here's Tina

Art: MeMeMe; Script: Liz Black

“Hail Cthulhu!”

This has been more or less done for a week, but needed to finish it up. And then, I had a disaster and the monster on last panel got severely water damaged—so I had to perform a last-minute repair job. Very annoying. But it came out okay I guess!

Hail Cthulhu

Art: Moi; Plot: Liz Black