Happy Blogday

Guess I thought I’d post about it. This decrepit ol’ blog was 12 years old yesterday. No, really, 12 years of angst, indecision, success and failure, creative pondering, moving home, people (and pets) dying, prosperity and poverty, friends and enemies… oh, all that crap.

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Would the person from London who visits this site more or less every single day via a Google search for “paul gavvet chrissy harper” at least try to spell our names correctly? That’s CHRISSIE. And I assume you mean Paul GRAVETT.

Otherwise, yeah, nice creepy stalker action there. Bookmarking out of the question? (Ab)using a works computer perchance? Very bizarre and annoying.

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The Big Issue

An issue I’ve gone back and forth on for a long time and it’s been on my mind to an alarmingly distracting extent recently, including right now in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Employment. The freelance chancing, carefree (ish) hours and alleged freedom vs a boring old salaried job.

Everything about being freelance sounds kinda cool in theory. But it’s only kinda cool if you crack the formula—meaning you never, ever, go a month (or six) enduring a dry spell. Because when it works it’s great; when it doesn’t work it’s a complete bastard.

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Sunday Post

Well, the ISP/wifi issue is resolved, I think. Goodbye, BT. I think you’ve lost a potential customer permanently—your services are way overpriced, the peak hours performance is mediocre at the best of times, upload speeds are significantly and consistently out-performed by a 3G connection via a tethered iPhone—your dismal PR, customer service, habit of badmouthing the competition (who, BTW, did not return the favour) and general inflexibility simply rub salt in the wound.

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ISP Bother

Switching your home Internet from BT to another provider can, I’ve discovered, be quite a chore. You need something called a MAC Code to facilitate the switchover. Last Thursday, after a ten-minute lecture on how terrible the ‘competition’ is, BT finally gave me a code. It didn’t work. I called again and got another code—it was one letter shorter than the previous one. This didn’t work either. I called again and they insisted the second code was valid and I couldn’t get another one until May 15th—and if it didn’t work it was the other company’s fault.

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Weight & Traffic Reductions

I’ve lost a small amount of weight. It was intentional. I think a bit more could come off, too, although otherwise I’d like to tone my arms and stomach a bit. It’s not like I’m overweight, really, so much as slack and out-of-shape. But it’s a start, ain’t it. I may regress, obv, but I’m hoping not to… slackness is a common curse of middle-age I’m not awfully ready to embrace at the tender age of 28, *cough*…

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Hello September

Still grafting on a few things—but not, it must be said, as vigorously as I’d like. The juggling can get a bit confusing sometimes. One thing I want/need to do is work up a sample of an idea I’ve pitched somewhere. One or two pages. The idea is kind of fun if I can find the focus I need.

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I made a firm decision today that my efforts to relocate, though temporarily derailed, are not being put on hold. Get back up and do it again. Why not? I’ve had two near-misses in the last year or so. Third time lucky? Yes. I think so. I had a funky experience when I went out this afternoon—I was seeing stuff on passing vehicles that seemed to allude to change, movement, newness. For instance, one van had PHOENIX written on it (and I am, after all, rising from the ashes of a less than successful attempt to move), and I saw at least three transport/moving company vehicles (one of them was following me—I saw it three times)… stuff like that. It means NOTHING (I’m a realist!), but it was interesting and inspiring anyway. So it gave me a fun kickstart. I thought, ‘Yes. It’s going to happen. Very soon.’

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Life Etc

Right, so where is my own life at? This has been a rocky week for me, to be honest. Knowing Martin was in hospital and unlikely to be going home again was a very dark cloud. On Monday night, too, I started to feel the emergence of a cold/flu bug that was in full flow by Tuesday. Overdosing on Vitamin C has probably helped to blunt the edges of it a bit. Today I feel pretty blocked-up and I’m sneezing a bit, but overall I don’t feel too bad.

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