It’s been a while. After a flurry of activity on here back in August, following a blog reboot that I thought might spark my mind a bit, it kinda went dead. I’ve had that sort of on-off relationship with blogging for a long time, especially since social media started consuming everything like a hyperactive malignancy. The Internet—which IMO has always been a questionable means of communication—has really taken a dark turn in the last decade… whatever fun was once to be had (frankly, not a lot), it’s pretty much gone.

It remains a useful tool in some ways, but the more the Powers-That-Be try to push us into an all-digital existence, the less and less I want to depend on it. Simply put, it’s gotten to be too much. It has not made a healthy impression on people or society. Quite the opposite. The impact is disheartening.

And then, of course, there’s the endless, ubiquitous COVID rubbish. Whatever the nature of the sickness, it can’t be doubted by anyone who chooses to use their brain that it’s provided a number of people with a means to grab more power and influence. Individuals such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab—these are truly horrible people. I couldn’t possibly hold them in lower regard. So I haven’t been feeling good about any of this. Has anyone? But I don’t want to talk about it very much. It gets politicised in ways that I find asinine and depressing. Believe me, I have no use whatsoever for mainstream political notions at this point. It’s laughable and meaningless.

I do wonder how history will record all of this—assuming history as we know it survives at all.

Still. I’ve done a spring-clean and a bit of a redesign. So maybe I’ll try to write on here a bit more again. I need to revamp the Portfolio content soon. It could be more effectively presented. Overall, I think the new look is more ‘modern’ (even if the concept growingly makes me shudder).

Question: should I make the ‘legacy’ blog content available again?! I do have about 20 years of on-off blog content now, but have kept much of it offline in recent years. I don’t know. There’s a lot of rubbish in there—but it’s also two decades of my life, for better or worse. I’m thinking it over.

See ya soon! Probably!