Now Where Were We…?

I’ve had some lapses on this blog (which, it perplexes me to note, is 14 years old next month), but this one is a whole new level—first post of 2014?! Yeah. Well, the fact that the Website has literally been offline since April probably didn’t help any…

But we’re back. And spruced up a little. The front page and the portfolio section need finishing up but everything else appears to be functioning, and nothing’s missing.

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Tori Amos Bham May ’14

(This post was backdated in Nov ’14 to fill in some stuff missed during Ye Website being offline…)

The day Steve Green and I saw Tori Amos at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham. Some photos and a few comments…

I was hoping to see Tori at her traditional Meet & Greet appearance, so I took along the booklet for her Piano boxset, hoping I might get it signed.

Tori Stuff May 2014

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David Bowie Is God

Or so it says on an old badge I still have. Which I used to wear a lot. Being absent from the blog so much this year means no Bowie Talk about the new album, The Next Day. Yeah, I liked it; yeah, I’ve had my ups-and-downs with it. In the end I made peace with it fully—I actually love some of it intensely.

See, I thought he was gone for good. And I was more or less okay with that. It might seem odd but the whole thing was very emotional for me. I had to go through a wide spectrum of feelings. On the other side, I’m really happy the new album exists. The world is a better place with DB in it.

David Bowie Valentines 2013

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