The Last Club Vamporama Epilogue


Obviously, this is a follow-up to The Last Club Vamporama. Go read it and leave some feedback if you haven’t already!!

This strip was done back in January. The original plan was for a two-pager, but I only got the second page half finished, and, ultimately, decided to concentrate on other things, including the proper Adventures of M story—this is, after all, just a teaser.

Given its age and my on-off quest to improve my work, there are things about it I’m no longer very happy with. But it’s OK. Just as I tried to make the previous strip look “somewhat” like the old Vamporama stuff (but hopefully better), with this one I tried to transition it to closer to how I want the “M” stuff to look, but there’s still some connective tissue. Honestly, as and when I debut any future “M” material, I want it to have quite a different feel. And be better.

Stay tuned! Leave feedback!

Last CV Epilogue


Same as last time, here’s an “original art”, warts & all scan of the artwork!

Last CV Epilogue Original Art

And here’s a logo for ya!

Adventures of M Logo

4 thoughts on “The Last Club Vamporama Epilogue”

  1. Chrissie,
    I like the tongue-in-cheek humour, especially the idea that someone looking down on the whole planet might be worried about finding villains in South London


    1. One of the golden rules of comics is that whenever a superhero is born, the villains will suddenly appear. There’s some kind of cosmic balance at play which ensures we don’t have to suffer issue after issue where the characters just sit around talking (or at least there used to be…).

  2. There’s a refreshingly upbeat early ’80s vibe here, a welcome reminder of the days when comics were sold in high street newsagents and didn’t cost the same as a pint.

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