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Sketch Video: Drawing The Hulk!

As videos like this are quite popular, I’ve been toying with doing some recently. So I uploaded this one a while ago, but I was/am dissatisfied with the picture quality—I’m currently stuck with a camera that fares very badly over USB 2.0 in terms of quality & compression. (I do have access to a couple of nice cinema cameras, but honestly, for videos like this it’s better to keep it simple.)

Finally I decided to unleash it anyway… meanwhile, I shall be looking into a better video/camera solution.

Obviously, drawing the Hulk was an easy/lazy topic for me… the Hulk is my default go-to (and Herb Trimpe’s version the Gold Standard). This isn’t necessarily the best version I ever did. But it’s okay. For future vids, I’d like your suggestions, please. Suggest anything! If it isn’t ridiculous or impractical, I might give it a go.

The background music, BTW, is by Miles Davis (see my comments on the Miles Ahead movie here).

More soon! please leave comments below!!

3 thoughts on “Sketch Video: Drawing The Hulk!”

  1. Nice musical syncopated artwork. Overall good facial expression. I’m an early 60’s Kirby/Hulk aficionado, so I would go for a heavier brow ridge and a higher hairline with a shorter nose. (But that’s just a personal preference. )

  2. Chrissie,

    Always fascinating to see an artist at work. The Miles Davis music compliments the viewing process. Nice piece and I can clearly see the Trimpe influence.

  3. Nicely done, and the annotations worked well. I hope you produce more of these, demonstrating which tools / techniques are best-suited to specific tasks.

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