“Adventures Of M” Concept Art

Yep, the new concept hinted at here. It all arose from a What If? train of thought—what if I decided to go with the idea of using “The Last Club Vamporama” as a springboard for a rebooted concept?

Well, the concept turned a bit… superheroic. To wit:

Adventures of M Concept

Here’s a larger version of the Marie action figure, in ink & watercolour pencil…

Marie Figure Colour

And here’s a fuller version of the background portrait of Marie…

Adventures of M Portrait

So where is this going? As mentioned before, I’m doing a two-page Epi-Prologue to segue from “The Last Club Vamporama” to Adventures of M #1 (pg1 was finished last week; pg2 is coming soon). So—will I do it as a full book? (I just finished a cover for it!!) Or will I just procrastinate and do odds & ends? Stay tuned to find out!

Finally, this was the original, speculative sketch back in September that sparked it all off…

Marie as Hero

More to come on this very soon! Please gimme feedback!

3 thoughts on ““Adventures Of M” Concept Art”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing more of these two. I like the look of ‘M’, lean and elongated in places; hard to tell from single images, but in context feels like a body constantly shape-shifting

  2. Nice concepts and character designs. I love the choice of colors and the touch of color in the Adventures of M illo is just right.

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