Amphius Man

Who?! Why, this guy:

Amphy 2021

He’s the first ‘proper’ character I ever created, I believe, back in 1981. For his origin and some very old artwork (haven’t you all wanted to see how dreadful my art was as a kid/youth?!), read on…

First off, the name “amphius” is, admittedly, kinda dumb. He’s basically an amphibious man, so I shortened the word amphibious to create something my child’s mind saw as unique in some way. What the hey. I think the second character proper I created, then, would be The Snapper, Amphy’s arch-nemesis… who is basically a human snapping turtle. Hey, I liked amphibians and turtles when I was kid! And I made anthropomorphic characters out of ’em! Don’t we all?

Here he is in 1983:

Amphy 1983

Look, I was trying. I didn’t know squat about anatomy (I still barely do), but I was attempting dynamics. Give me that.

Here he is in 1986:

Amphy 1986

I still don’t know squat about anatomy, but my technique is a little bit better. However, I had some incredibly weird ideas about panel shapes.

Finally, here he is in 1993:

Amphy 1993

This was the last time I drew him before the new picture at the top. Obviously it is a new version of the 1986 piece (sadly, 1993-Me, I have to tell you that 1986-Me actually posed the figure better in terms of being underwater!!); and equally obviously I based the new piece on this—the third go at this basic idea, I guess! I corrected that most obvious flaw, i.e. he looks lke he’s lunging rather than moving underwater. The anatomy, which was much improved from 1986, still left much to be desired. Also, the background is completely faked—and not well. I gave it something simpler yet more effective. I think/hope!!

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