Back Again

Yep, another little hiatus, but honestly I doubt I went a single day without thinking about what to blog next. I did want to commit to keeping this fairly ongoing again. And I will. But those of you who are regular readers, I hope, will feed me a little with feedback so I don’t feel excessively lonely here!

And, yes, some stuff has happened since October 27th. For one thing, Tikki had a trip up North to meet a Westie pal named Marco…

Tikki Marco Oct 21
Tikki & Marco in Lincoln, October 28th 2021

For another, it was my COUGHrd birthday on Oct 30.

For yet another, we had a fairly low-key week away, from the 31st, in Wales, near Cardigan Bay. (Cardigan’s Cellar Bar—and record shop and cafe—is a very cool place, BTW!)

Cellar Bar Cardigan Nov 21
The Cellar Bar, Cardigan, Wales, November 2nd 2021

And I have indeed been contemplating the “beginning” implied by the final panel of The Last Club Vamporama. This has involved a lot of concept art (some of which is to be scanned & posted in the next day or so!), some thumbnails & scripting, etc. And a two-page “Epi-Prologue”, to segue into this idea, is coming soon. Page 1 is almost done but I’ve been doing other stuff too—not least, working quite hard to improve the quality of my drawing. I’m told you’re never too old. I’m trying to prove it a little.

Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Back Again”

  1. Our near-accidental encounter with the Cellar Bar — along with its host, Steve Greenhalgh — remains for me one of the highlights of that trip, particularly the lengthy chat he and I had about the parlous state of British ‘democracy’. Came away with a heap of CDs, including that hefty boxset of early US country music which accompanied us on the return journey (intriguingly arranged in chronological order, thereby offering a window on how the genre evolved over the 1920s and 30s).

  2. Looking forward to more scans, Chrissie. The Cellar Bar sounds like a terrific discovery. Westies always make me smile, but they’re pretty rare in our current neighbourhood. We took a walk today with a neighbour’s Bichon named Happy who lives up to his name. His trick is picking up garbage off the ground in his mouth, and getting a treat when he complies with the command to drop it.

    1. Tikki’s taken to using her toys as mouth-held signalling devices, waving them around until she obtains (a) food, (b) a walk, (c) access to the front garden. The latest addition to her armoury is a stuffie in the shape of a string of sausages, a gift from a fellow member of the animal-oriented Twitter community Zombie Squad, although her favourites are a pair of squeaky rubber pigs.

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