Hulk by Big John

Art by John Buscema—image via Heritage.

Hulk Buscema 1980

What this lovely pieces allows us to view, in addition to John’s terrific version of Greenskin, and his expressive brushwork, is his fast & loose use of watercolour. This man’s work had such a casual air to it—how can any artist less skilled (which is most artists) not envy how damned easy he makes everything look? This is not even his best work, by any means—it’s something of a “quickie”, the right foot is obviously a tad oversized—but it’s still a masterclass that leaves most wannabes in the shade!

2 thoughts on “Hulk by Big John”

  1. Always appreciated this man’s work. I remember seeing and hearing him speak at a convention sometime in the mid seventies when he was doing Conan and Savage Sword. His art reminded me of a cross between Frazetta and Kubert. Definitely a master of human anatomy. He answered several questions, that day, wherein I learned that he loves to draw figures best from the back.

    1. That’s interesting. The back view is one a lot of artists have more trouble with. Kirby really wasn’t so great with rear views. But then JB also hated drawing machines and happily swiped them.

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