The Last Club Vamporama

Hah! So here it finally is!!

I’ve given this a lot of thought. I wasn’t planning to publish it. One of the reasons being that my attempt to do a colour version in Photoshop was looking so horrible (IMO), I couldn’t finish it. There were other reasons. See below the artwork for more details!! (Also, page two etc is below the cut, if you’re reading on the front page!)

Anyhow, finally decided to just put it up here and to hell with it…



BONUS: here are “original art” scans, before any clean-ups or adjustment, warts & all!!

Last CV Original Art pg1

Last CV Original Art pg1

So, this strip was done for my own, personal reasons. As 2021 was the 15th anniversary of Club Vamporama, I wanted to finish it off properly—it had been fairly dead for a number of years. My attempt in 2019 to revive it was a disaster; the attempt to make promo videos for a live-action version in 2017 was also pretty much a failed endeavour. It was time to put it to bed.

But not necessarily time to do away with the characters! They have a whole new context now. So this strip is kind of a reboot as well as an ending… of which I have given a little thought.

Incidentally: I may, at some point, still do a colour version of this strip, if I can get some quality prints of the art and do it by hand. That might work. I’m done with Photoshop colouring.

More as and when I feel like it…

8 thoughts on “The Last Club Vamporama”

  1. Hope that you can create a comic book reality for your self, with a happy ending like this one. Hope that someday you’ll feel inclined to pick it up again.

  2. I think this is some of your best work. I wish it wasn’t the last entry, but I respect your reasons for retiring the strip. And if you’re going to go out, it’s great to go out on a high like this.

  3. An ending, but a new beginning, full of possibilities. Lots of good things here, from the references (Bette Noir, Cthulu), to the trust/friendship between Jen and Marie to the atmospheric artwork. Great to see the thought and effort you’ve brought to this

  4. Chrissie,

    Glad you put it up for all to see, and, as Nigel stated, an end full of possibilities. I also like seeing the art “raw” since it adds a special quality. As I’ve noted in the past, your use of blacks is very good.

  5. Any chance Marie could scoot me back to April 1982 as well? I was still working for my local newspaper (which no longer exists), had just met my future wife Ann, even harboured ambitions to be a writer — good times.

    1. Oh, yeah. There seemed to be such energy and possibilities. Now, we have a solid wall of oppressive, joy-killing digital omnipresence. It isn’t better, folks. You know, deep down, that it is anything but.

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