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The Club Vamporama Tangent

As referenced here… my newest (and final) two-page Club Vamporama strip—which remains unpublished—committed the grave sin of a tangent on panel one of page two.

By way of sneaking some of this strip’s art onto the blog without publishing the full strip… here we go. Notes below.

CV pg2 p1 Versions

The version on the left is the original drawing of the panel. Initially, the foregrounded radio was much smaller and on the panel’s left side. I had all kinds of issues with this, and certainly I felt that the radio needed to be bigger and on the right side of the panel.

This sounded like radical surgery, so instead I redrew the panel completely—the version on the right. This was fine & all, but somehow the original version still appealed to me more, in spite of its problems. So I went and did the radical surgery anyway… I redrew the bottom section of the panel and pasted it over! It’s a fairly smooth paste-up, I’m sure you’ll agree… and it solved my original issues.

But it created a whole new issue. The tangent!

The tangent here, of course, is the way in which Jenni’s arm and the pattern on the radio’s fascia trace exactly the same angle. I don’t think this creates confusion per se, but it definitely does clash.

In spite of this, I still preferred the original with the paste-up, tangent and all, and that is the version I consider to be the official final panel. Which one do you prefer?

1 thought on “The Club Vamporama Tangent”

  1. I think my favourite thing about both panels is the way the meta panel, representing Jenni’s consciousness, breaks into shards in the top left hand corner. I see your reasons for the redraw though.

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