Club Vamporama’s Marie

Following up the Club Vamporama, RIP posting, with deference to the strip’s 15th anniversary, here is a reposting of some older arwork that is amongst the best CV visuals (IMO). It’s a portrait of Marie, showcasing her shapeshifting abilities—her hands look large and somewhat reptilian!—from 2019.

I was quite satisfied with this. Hey, I still am…

Marie Portrait

Anyhow… it was a reworking of a picture from 2011. See below—compare & contrast! Bear in mind, the 2019 piece was done on A3 paper and the 2011 one was done at A4. Even so, it’s enormously superior, to my mind, if you’ll excuse the self-praise.

(I’m extremely self-critical, so I don’t do this too often.)

Marie Portrait 2011

There’s all kinds of things wrong with this older version. In fact, it reminds me that ten years ago, a well-known television “persona” called this piece “amateurish fan art”!! Let’s be honest: he wasn’t wrong. But considering he sent some of his own extremely amateurish fan art to Steve Ditko as an 80th birthday “gift”, I thought the comment was quite funny. Also, what the hey. I got better! He didn’t!

I was genuinely pleased in 2019 to kick 2011 me’s ass, though. The 2011 is basically crap; I still don’t see much wrong with the 2019 piece.

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  1. Hi Chrissie,

    While I agree the recent version is much better I will say that I like the Ditko-ish shimmering effect on the original.

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