It’s been a while. After a flurry of activity on here back in August, following a blog reboot that I thought might spark my mind a bit, it kinda went dead. I’ve had that sort of on-off relationship with blogging for a long time, especially since social media started consuming everything. The Internet—which IMO has always been a questionable means of communication—has really taken a wrong turn in the last decade…

It remains a useful tool, but the more the Powers-That-Be try to push us into an all-digital existence, the less and less I want to depend on it. Simply put, it’s gotten to be too much. It has not made a healthy impression on people or society. Quite the opposite. The impact is disheartening.

And then, of course, there’s the endless COVID shit. But I don’t want to talk about it very much. It gets politicised in ways that I find asinine and depressing.

I do wonder how history will record all of this—assuming history as we know it survives at all.

Still. I’ve done a spring-clean and a bit of a redesign. So maybe I’ll try to write on here a bit more again.

See ya soon! Probably!

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  1. I’m giving similar consideration to the future of my own website, which has lain undisturbed since September 2019. The chief difficulty, as also encountered with the Minds account I set up earlier this month, is attracting any kind of traffic: so-called “social media” is neither an efficient platform for communication nor particularly sociable (other than the lovely folks over on Dog Twitter, of course). Anyway, the jury’s still out.

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