Bookcase Cleanup

My living space is pretty cramped at the moment, but I did tidy up the bigger of the two bookcases last week. Trying to make the best of it until I have more space, I guess… and it always feels good to clean things up.

Anyhow, a few snaps of some of the shelves. It’s only part of the books I have, but some of the more rare/valuable ones are here (such as, in particular, the first editions of the Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein and Lee-Kirby Silver Surfer books). This stuff is very heavy on graphics novels, for sure, but I do have proper books too!

BTW: two of the Marvel Omnibi, as pictured at the right of pic 1, were paid for by selling Providence #1-12 (full set, Alan Moore) and Batman Damned #1 (first edition, bat-dick)—who said modern comics were worthless? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bookcase Cleanup”

  1. A great selection of books, many of which echo my own tastes. Hey, any bookcase that includes Kirby, Ditko, Kane, Laurel and Hardy and Orson Wells among the authors is top-notch!

  2. Marvel’s omnibus editions are great examples of how to showcase vintage material. What a pity the bulk of Marvel’s output over the past 25+ years comes nowhere close in terms of sheer entertainment value.

  3. Nice collection! Have you seen the Tom Scioli Kirby biography? I had zero interest in it, but Mike Vassallo posted a positive review so I bought the ebook. It’s terrific! At some point I’ll convert it and Dingbat Love into physical books.

      1. It’s the Official Biography without having to wait for Evanier to get around to it (and without all of his industry biases). I wrote a review of it.

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