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So I’ve been blogging on and off (and in recent years, very often off) for about 20 years now. There have been two previous iterations of this blog; welcome to the third! I have backups of the earlier stuff, if I ever want to put it back online (NOTE OCT 26 ’21: many older postings now back online!), but I think it’s useful to flush the toilet once in a while.

I’m still thinking about how to handle this one. I think blogs are kinda old skool now, with the (you might say regrettable) proliferation of ‘social media’, but I’ve more or less opted-out of that… so call me old skool.

More shortly.

6 thoughts on “Blog Reboot”

  1. More than once, I’ve had people suggest I do blogs where I review movies. I have fun doing that on FB, or on message boards (which are more “organized” and “permanent” and easily accessible– damn, I always preferred boards to FB). But a lot of it is time, and what do I feel like focusing on at any given moment?

    My main blogs from the start have been for doing “restorations” of old art, or with the POE project, entire stories, more and more where I’m doing English translations and adding color.

    I recently joined a new message board (!) run by some guys in England. The main focus is on sci-fi TV and movies, but they seem flexible enough to go elsewhere. I’ve been genuinely having fun, and reminded of how much I used to enjoy boards, and miss them (having been PERMANENTLY BOOTED OFF too many of them).

    I say, do whatever you enjoy the most, at any given moment.

  2. Chrissie,

    I think this should be a forum for whatever suits your fancy. Wherever your enthusiasm lies, comics, books movies, music, I’m sure your thoughts will be worth reading.

  3. I think you should use your blog as a platform to explore you passions and obsessions. I know you have a plethora of both. I think it’s also a great place to expose your art and your writing.

  4. Never having been a blogger or on social media, what I look for on the internet are sites with information about what interests me. If something interests you, there’s a good chance it will interest someone else. I’ve no idea whether a blog about lots of different things works or whether it’s best to stick to a central theme so that people know what to expect

  5. I don’t think you can go wrong with books and movies, or writing about what you’re currently working on. I’d stay away from comics because they’re so polarizing.

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