The Cush

Although this dates from last December, I had been meaning to post it. It’s a portrait of Peter Cushing as he appears in one the later Hammer Frankenstein movies. (I’m not even sure which one, offhand—anyone?)

The Cush

EDIT: It’s from Dracula AD 1972. Thanks, Henry. Why didn’t I know that? I used a photo ref without looking up the source is why!!

Anyhow—was really difficult to get a nice looking scan as I don’t think the piece is entirely successful… the mixing of media—black ink, gray markers, pencil—is a bit awkward, plus some of the black areas were done with a cheap marker and aren’t at all solid (thank you, Gil Kane!). I also tried something a little more abstract in the shadowing and rendering. I think it’s an interesting experiment but doesn’t quite hit the mark.

That said, some people disagree with me and think it works quite well! Oh, it’s FOR SALE, too! Open to offers. It’s on a sheet of A3 card.

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  1. I hope you don’t mind… I re-posted this piece at the “HAMMERMANIACS” Facebook group. Within 4 MINUTES (!!!), Nick Connor posted, “AD 1972”. And AS I’m typing this, Holly June Graves posted, “Yes, it’s AD 1972. The final scene where Van Helsing battles with Dracula.”

    Cool group, huh?

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