Anatomy of a Chris Chibnall Caricature

To those who don’t know, Chris Chibnall is the most recent showrunner for Doctor Who. This fact may not be accurate for much longer. It’s fair to say that he’s been a little controversial; some might say (very poor), but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Anyhow, this drawing was done last December and was for a vaguely Gilliamesque animation project, hence it was done in pieces. The project’s been on hold, BTW, but maybe we’ll have a finished video soon. It’s only a silly bit of fun, though.

Chibbers Original

Chibbers Colour

Chibbers Rug

So what we have here are the original inks/pencils, sans arms, followed by the full figure in colour—and finally, a detail of the head with the addition of more hair. You see, Chris used his immense fortune to purchase lovely, sparkly new hair piece/weave/plugs that fools approximately nobody…

In the Gilliam vein, I obviously wanted to make him into a real grotesque—maybe slightly to the detriment of his likeness, as he’s fairly bland-looking, really. Still, I think it achieved what I wanted quite well.

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