Doctor Thirteen

Well… this is not really the place for a debate on the issue, but frankly I’m not at all happy with or impressed by the current incarnation of Ye Doctor in Doctor Who series 11. I feel Jodie Whittaker is hopelessly miscast** and the series has been all-round terrible (with the bizarre exception of Bradley Walsh, I’m shocked to hear myself saying)—and I’m not particularly inclined to watch more of them.

Nonetheless, I did have a go at drawing Jodie as Dockeroo and the result is kinda visually interesting. Or so I think, anyhow. BTW, this artwork is for sale, so feel free to make offers! 🙂

Doctor Thirteen

NOTE: THIS ARTWORK IS NOW SOLD. If you’re interested in a similar piece, drop me a line!!

**Obviously, the brilliant Joanna Lumley would’ve been a far superior choice, per her non-canonic, jokey 1999 turn as Da Doc in The Curse of the Fatal Death. But I guess she’s a little too old now? Well, y’know, in ageist terms, anyhow……

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  1. It’s worth noting that when the BBC appointed Doctor Who producers with a solid background in tv drama but no close ties to science fiction, such as Philip Hinchcliffe or the late Derek Sherwin, episodes were far tighter and better structured. Chris Chibnall, like Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat before him, considers himself a fan of the show, but seems more concerned with promoting his own vision of the Who universe than providing fully-realised entertainment. Chibnall’s writing is barely above first draft, yet more than half of the current season carries his byline. I certainly have no desire to waste any more of my time watching this tiresome dreck,

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