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I’m Back! Meet Tikki!

Yeah, I’m really back, and there will be a flurry of catchup postings coming up. It’s been a weird few months.

Last time I was here, it was to write about the passing of my Westie, Fred, aged 14. Not long after that, Steve “adopted” Oscar, a two-year-old miniature Yorkie. It was nice to have a dog back in the house without too much of a break, and he’s awful cute…


But… BUT… for me, there was a Westie-sized hole and it wasn’t getting filled so easily.

Enter Tikki. She was born in March 2017 and came into my life in mid-April this year.


No one can replace Fred, but she’s a great companion in her own right!

And Oscar and Tikki do get along… some of the time. At other times, not so much. What the hey.

Tikki And Oscar

1 thought on “I’m Back! Meet Tikki!”

  1. Good job you printed that particular photo of Tikki and Oscar together, and not the one taken immediately after, with all the X-certificate blood and gore. (Everyone else, please be aware I’m joking: they do get on quite well most of the time, except when the diminutive Oscar forgets himself and challenges Tikki over one of her toys. The fact that he couldn’t do anything with them in the second place never seems to occur to him in the first.)

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