Club Vamporama Shoot #2

It’s taken a month to get here (from there), but it was worth the wait!

The Sunday shoot was with Melyza Fay playing Jude, Bette Noir’s assistant, as mentioned previously. We filmed the scene at Route 44, part of the superb Inn on the Green, standing in very nicely for Club Vamp itself.

Club Vamporama Shoot 2

Melyza was terrific, and very helpful to Steve, who doesn’t consider himself an actor per se, even if playing himself (or a version thereof). He had a lot of lines to work with and M gave him some great pointers.


We shoot the final part of this little item with Elizabeth Hastings playing the part of Marie this coming Friday.

2 thoughts on “Club Vamporama Shoot #2”

    1. It was very real at one point, Mike: Melyza accidentally (I hope) caught my ear with her “fake” punch. Not sure if that was the take Chrissie ended up using, however.

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