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Club Vamporama Printed Poster

So we collected an A1 size printed version of the lovely, if I do say so myself, Club Vamporama poster (as seen here) yesterday…

Vamporama Printed Poster

It’s now ready for Sunday’s shoot with Melyza Fay, who will be playing Jude, Bette Noir’s PA and confidante. Voila!

(Excuse quality & reflections. Best I could manage right there. More soon!)

1 thought on “Club Vamporama Printed Poster”

  1. Yes, that plastic is horribly reflective. I’ve ordered a glass / wooden frame via eBay (none of the local retailers stocked anything anywhere near A1), but it won’t arrive in time for Sunday, so guess we’ll have to find an alternative way of displaying the poster.

    Really looking forward to seeing Melyza in front of a camera. Not so sure about the decrepit individual who’ll be joining her on-screen, however.

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