The Election

That election? Hell, any election. Any election virtually any damn place at any damn time.


A quickie just ahead of the inevitably dismal (ie. whoever wins) US election result.

2 thoughts on “The Election”

  1. Rather stupidly, I didn’t see this when you first posted it. A striking tribute to a fine satirist and social commentator, much of whose repertoire would no doubt fly over the heads of those who should listen the hardest, or be dismissed as micro-aggressions by the easily unsettled.

    1. Those who wail at the election of Trump still fail to convince me that Clinton would have been significantly better. More experienced, yes; more disciplined in her international diplomacy, definitely; but more caring beyond what her public persona requires? Nor really. The DNC has watched a broad strata of America slide towards extinction, and whilst Trump is shedding only alligator tears, Clinton shed none. Until that nation’s electoral system allows true innovative thought (which, of course, it is designed to combat), America — and by extension, the rest of us — are screwed.

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