Long time no see, again. Lots of things have been happening, though, even if they haven’t necessarily happened in the order I’d planned. (For instance, the long-mooted Weekly Webcomics idea didn’t get going. Yet.)

Having assembled a reasonably decent set of film gear in recent months, Steve and I have been doing a series of short items for the film show on Big Centre TV—Steve presenting, me directing & editing. Big Centre is soon to become Made in Birmingham, but hopefully we’ll continue working on this material as before.

The most recent piece, a short extract from a longer interview with Alan FrightFest Jones, which we did in London on October 19th, airs on Big Centre today (Halloween, appropriately). We’ll be uploading it to YouTube fairly soon. Here’s a pic of Steve & Alan.

Steve Green Alan Jones Oct 2016

Plans are also afoot for a live-action Club Vamporama teaser/short film (probably about two minutes long), as well as a short film idea of Steve’s. The casting is underway for both projects but I can’t say more at this time! Well, I can say that I did artwork & design for a poster that will feature in the Vamporama film. It depicts Bette Noir, etc. I shall be posting this shortly.

It was my birthday yesterday, but we don’t need to go into that.

We spent Saturday in Manchester at the Festival of Fantastic Films. We (that is, me and Steve) managed to shoot no less than eight interviews and these will be used in various ways in the coming weeks/months. Here’s Steve with cult icon Dagmar Lassander, who he interviewed on stage…

Steve Green Dagmar Lassander FFF Oct 2016

Later on the Saturday night, we went to see John Carpenter‘s “Release the Bats” gig at the Victoria Warehouse. I wasn’t best keen on the venue (and I’m not alone in this) but the gig itself was terrific.

John Carpenter Manchester Oct 2016

More soon!!

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  1. By a long chalk, the Victoria Warehouse was the worst concert venue I’ve ever had the misfortune of attending, a situation made worse by the fact that the original promoters, All Tomorrow’s Parties, had booked the Albert Hall, which would have been fully seated and undoubtedly much warmer than an isolated concrete barn with all the ambience of a multi-storey car park. Had the performance itself not been top notch, I’d have come away mightily disappointed, especially as I’d got you your ticket as a birthday present.

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