“Hail Cthulhu!” Redux

New comics! As some of you know, I stopped doing comics after February 2013. During the hiatus I did some other things, including a few T-shirt designs. Anyhow, right now I’m moving towards a number of new projects, including regular Webcomics and a revival of Club Comicana Vamporama.

Yup, Club Com/Vamp is, as of June 2016, exactly ten years old! To celebrate, there will be two new strips; firstly, a reworking of an older strip, below—to be followed shortly by an all-new one!

Compare & contrast time!

Hail Cthulhu Redux Tones

Hail Cthulhu


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5 thoughts on ““Hail Cthulhu!” Redux”

  1. Switching up to an A3 canvas certainly seems to have given you room to stretch, creatively. Cthulhu in particular is much more impressive in the remake. Can’t wait to see how the “all new” strip works out.

  2. The inking and shading really help bring the strip to life and you’ve done a great job of adding a new panel / introduction without losing anything from the original

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