Ten Years

Hard to believe, but today is not only Vincent Price’s 105th birthday and Christopher Lee’s 94th birthday—it’s ten years since Alex Toth passed away. (Peter Cushing’s 103rd was yesterday.)

Most importantly, to me, today is ten years since my mother died. (Yes, she and Alex died on the same day.)

It hasn’t been a very substantial decade, that’s for sure. I think time is on half rations these days. Maybe it’s tied in with the general decline & unravelling our society and culture is undergoing. Yeah. Part of me thinks—at least mom isn’t around to see the shambolic mess we’re stuck in today. But I miss her regardless.

Anyhow, it was important to drop a mention here. Perhaps it will spark more new postings—I am, in fact, working on things and do have stuff to show. Tell you what. I’ll post some artwork soon.

Till then, thinking of you, mom.

2 thoughts on “Ten Years”

  1. I never met your mom, but I can infer from her daughter that she must have been quite a formidable woman — and one I’d have been very interested in getting to know (not least to hear her views on the increasingly moribund mainstream movie industry). Likewise, I’d have liked you to have met my wife Ann, now gone nearly eight years. We are all surrounded by ghosts, but the strongest personalities live on in our hearts and minds.

    As for our perception of the passing decades, I suspect the acceleration began with the transition of our society from a largely rural nature (governed by nature) to one with an industrial based (ruled by timesheets). And I doubt it will get better.

  2. Wow, ten years, I remember it well. Time has a way of really messing with your head, you blink and life is totally different.
    So long ago, but at the same time, still so fresh in your mind.
    Take care.

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