April 2016 Update

Apologies for radio silence! Lots of stuff is coming—not least because I’ve been doing some new artwork and will be reviving my Webcomics activities shortly… important info about that soon.

There will also be another episode of Ghostwords TV—technical problems and being busy with other things has caused delays, but reaction to ep1 has been very positive. Stay tuned.

My plan to listen to and review all of Bowie’s albums, unsurprisingly, has gone on ice. Not just due to being preoccupied (which doesn’t help, admittedly); I just haven’t gone back to Bowie at all. I don’t know when I will. His death bugs me unpleasantly, and I find little or no reason to listen to his last work in particular—it just represents him being gone, and for me not in a comforting way. Merely depressing. I need to focus on other things. Maybe for a very long time. Sigh.

Last month—March 14th, to be precise—the faithful old pooch, Mr Fred, celebrated his 12th birthday! Here’s a photo of him taken on March 8th…

Fred March 2016

Aaand tonight, Steve shot a video of Doggie having a barking fit. Enjoy! See ya very soon!!

3 thoughts on “April 2016 Update”

  1. At Fred’s barking, our Great Dane lifted his head in a vaguely ‘what’s that’ sort of way, but he seems to know the difference between real and artificial barking

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