Birmingham Horror Group

In a break from my regular postings about the collapse of society, doom & gloom and the need for REVOLUTION NOW… we’ve just started a new horror group for Birmingham! Website here. The first meeting was on Saturday (Dec 5th). Honorary President Ramsey Campbell appeared via Skype.

Birmingham Horror Group December 2015

James Brogden, Ray Holloway, Louise Palfreyman, Yours Truly, Steve Green.

3 thoughts on “Birmingham Horror Group”

  1. Not forgetting the head of Alfredo Garcia, in the middle of the table.

    It was indeed an excellent launch, made even more memorable by Ramsey’s guest appearance. Mention should be made of the generous hospitality of Jane, the Spread Eagle’s manager, who let us move the table so we could plug our loudspeakers into a wall socket. Hopefully, we’ll be able to arrange another such ‘virtual visit’ by a guest from the worlds of fiction and film in the very near future.

    1. My initial plan was to have Ramsey appear as a hologram, but the R2 unit I hired for the evening kept malfunctioning. Last time I trust a Jawa dealer on eBay.

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