September ’15 Update

As has become the cliché here, the intention to not neglect this dusty old place gets trumped by actual real-life nonsense. This time it was a move. I moved to a ground floor flat near Northfield (Bham) in early August. It didn’t go very well—actually, it’d be easier to list what didn’t go wrong—including no Internet and ballsed-up electrical wiring—and I was back at Steve‘s after five weeks.

Still. That’s five weeks I’ll never get back. I lost a lot bit of money on the deal too.

Oh! Steve. Yes. Firstly, must thank him for all the help with both moves (LOLZ etc)—and also note he has a new Website. Go visit it. I helped him throw it together.

As to my own site, you’ll note it looks a lot different. With some regret, I chucked my old, fully customised WordPress theme out the window and have adopted the new Twenty Fifteen theme. For a couple of reasons, not least that it’s had lots of great reviews. But mostly because it is seamlessly compatible with all viewing devices, with a particular emphasis on mobile gadgets. Like it or not that’s a massive chunk of users these days. (Including myself, half the time, seeing as I have an iPhone and a Kindle Fire HD.)

Make no mistake: I have a love/hate relationship with technology and believe the Internet has become quite a destructive and isolating force in many ways—I’ve given up on Facebook and Twitter at this point, because I thoroughly dislike the way they influence human behaviour (for the WORSE)—but at the same time, I try to go with the flow in my own way. So, I’m now properly mobile-friendly. Say thank you.

Oh, and Fred’s okay. I know that’s what everyone thinks about first! 🙂 Here’s a pic of him from July, shortly before first move, having some cat fun…

Fred vs Cat July 2015

Here he is at the gates of the new home, and later in the flat itself. He’s a bit unsure. Quite right too.

Fred New Home Aug 2015

Fred New Flat Aug 2015

And—back to Steve’s!

Fred Back Home Sept 2015

I’ll really try to post more. I’ve said it a million times, though!

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  1. I can’t say I’ve particularly missed Facebook in the six months since I departed its ranks, and the marginal benefits in having an account — such as publicising events — are more than outweighed by the pitfalls. In any case, I can still keep in touch with people via e-mail, or texts, or telephonically. Much more personal, too.

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