Fred May 2015

New dog pics! Because it’s been a while. Because Fred had his hair cut last week. Because he’s very cute. Except when he’s biting pieces out of Steve. Then he’s just funny.

First up, before and after, first being taken a few weeks ago when he was very shaggy and dirty. (Although, please note the pic has a yellow push! He wasn’t literally that colour. He was actually a lot dirtier than that…)

Fred Before-After May 2015

Next up, a side view outside…

Fred May 2015

Fred turned eleven years old back in March (meaning, it was 11 years on May 1st since he came into my life!). He’s doing okay. He’s having some problems with arthritis (first diagnosed in early stages two years ago), as might be expected, for which he’s getting some treatment right now. This seems to be improving things for him already. He seems notably less stiff and more energetic. Fingers crossed!

4 thoughts on “Fred May 2015”

  1. “Because he’s very cute. Except when he’s biting pieces out of Steve. Then he’s just funny.”

    Indeed. Almost every night, you and I sit around and laugh till our sides ache, whilst I wait for my platelets to clot.

  2. “Then he’s just funny.”

    So I’m guessing you found the sight of Fred chowing down on my left hand the evening after you posted that comment to be the most hilarious event since Morecambe hit all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.

    I, on the other hand (because the other hand was pretty much all he left me with), was ever so slightly less amused.

  3. You’ll be delighted to hear, Mike, that Chrissie has guaranteed herself hours of enhanced entertainment by purchasing a large squeaky toy for Fred (although he managed to kill the squeak that same afternoon).

    Every time he feels the need to demonstrate his alpha-masculinity, Fred just deposits it on the carpet between my armchair and the kitchen door, then waits for the inevitable battle to the death.

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